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Skilled fabricare specialists dedicated to the restoration of
garments, textiles and soft goods that have been affected by loss.

Leaders in restoration dry cleaning

North American Restoration Dry Cleaners are highly experienced and skilled fabricare specialists dedicated to the restoration of garments, textiles and soft goods that have been affected by loss. North American Restoration Dry Cleaners, located throughout the United States, are the leaders in restoration dry cleaning in their markets. As a group, they have dedicated themselves to standardized processes and to Responsibly Restore only those items deemed affected and wanted by the insured. Our standardization process saves the insurance company time and money while guaranteeing the highest quality of restoration dry cleaning and strongest dedication to customer service that the industry has ever seen. Find a member near you

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    • President
      Manuel Vendelis
    • Vice President
      Louis Caviris
    • Treasurer
      Curt Olson
    • Marketing Chairman
      Dave Fenyohazi
    • Membership Chairman
      Eric Pyne
    • Secretary
      Mike Hoelzel
    • Ethics and Standards Chairman
      Bruce Gershon
Restoring Responsibility
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NARD is expanding opportunity & increasing member density across the nation. We now have immediate membership opportunities in the cities & regions listed below. For membership information, please call our membership Chair, Eric Pyne, at 716.885.4351 (102).

Portland, San Fran, Salt Lake, Denver, Des Moines, Cheyenne, Billings, Santa Fe, Oklahoma City, Little Rock





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Ralph is the official North American Restoration Dry Cleaning Spokesperson. He represents our collective voice from the years of responsibility, commitment, and dedication that each of our individual companies have developed in the science and art of Restoring Responsibly.

He brings relief to those that have had the misfortune of a devastating experience in their home and the security of their personal belongings. We as a group demonstrate empathy in each and every claim we handle during these circumstances. Ralph is a direct result of our commitment in putting our reputation on the line, every day. Follow Ralph as he travels the country to validate our commitment. His message can be heard through our Claims Management, MRU Program, Satisfaction Guarantee and our highly coveted Salvation Army Program, which provides savings and unwanted items to those in need across the country in times of disaster.


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