3.2 Million Saved

Responsible to the Community

One of the biggest complaints that adjusters have with dry cleaners is cleaning clothes that will never be used again. NARD members have teamed up with the Salvation Army to provide a solution to this problem.

By successfully implementing a community driven program and teaming up with the Salvation Army. The insurance company wins, saving money by not cleaning unwanted items. The insured wins by receiving a tax deductible receipt. And the community wins, with the opportunity to help feed and clothe those that are less fortunate.

The Process

  • Donated items are divided and
    handled separately
  • Donated items are removed from the
    insured’s home
  • Insurance company is provided a detailed
    itemization with savings shown
  • Donated items are processed and cleaned
  • Dry cleaner delivers the donated items
    directly to the Salvation Army

The Purpose

  • To provide charitable service to the community
  • To save the insurance company money by
    not cleaning unwanted items
  • To establish NARD as Responsible
    Restoration Dry Cleaning companies
    desiring to do what is right!